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orange – summer campaign 2020


Danish State Railways (DSB) was founded in 1885 and brought up the important existing routes of the Danish king. The company has served millions of customers each year. In the Summer of 2020, DSB launched an extensive staycation “Orange” campaign following Covid-19. How did we help communicate the message of exploring Denmark and reuniting with friends and family in the light of the quarantine?

what we did

DSB launched the Orange campaign with their lead agency Togbureauet and was looking for an agile and specialized agency to create content that could support the overall campaign strategy. Furthermore, the content was to target a younger audience with an emotional message. We identified two significant insights from the lockdown.

“Reuniting with Friends, Family, Denmark”

How did we stay in touch with our friends and family during quarantine? Whether you did Facetime, Skype, Teams, Google Hangout or something else, video chatting reached a whole new level in 2020. We made a concept from this insight.

“do you miss the festivals as much as we do?”

As this year’s Summer came along, we all slowly realized what we were going to miss out on. In the case of DSB’s young demographic, music festivals are the biggest events of the year. Not this year. We created a video content kit and distributed it during the time that the famous Roskilde Festival was supposed to be held and DSB asked “are you also feeling the festival blues?”

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