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one nation – one ghana card


As a part of Ghana’s national identification project, the nordic it company, ATEA, was given an order of 5100 specialized registration stations and underlying infrastructure. The delivery had to be shipped within 11 weeks. ATEA knew this was a game changing event. They asked how can we make sure this is not forgotten or overlooked?

what we did

We followed the entire process of this project, documenting both the construction of the registration kits, the journey from the factories in Denmark to Africa and the setup of the kits. ATEA needed this project to be featured in their online presence across all social media platforms. They also needed to make an extra effort to showcase this initiative at various offline events. Based on that need, we created a content kit, which both featured content tailored to the specifications of the individual platforms. On top of that, we created a VR 360 video experience used at the events.

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